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 Maexxna boss final partie arachnid

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MessageSujet: Maexxna boss final partie arachnid   Mar 25 Nov - 8:12:21

Maexxna is only tank and spank for the tank. The only job the tank has is to keep threat on Maexxna.
Maexxna has several abilities that appear during the fight in the order below:

* Web Wrap
o When a person becomes Web Wrapped on the wall, a ranged should be kill the Web Wrap to get that person back into the fight.
* Spawn spiders
o Approximately 10 spiders appear with minimal health. AoE the spiders down.
* Web Spray
o The Web Spray stuns everyone (including the tank) so the tank must be topped off and depoisoned before the stun.

Maexxna also has Necrotic Poison, which reduces healing done to the target by 90%. She will only cast it on the MT. The MT must be depoisoned at all times, especially just before a stun. It helps to have HoTs on the MT before a stun to reduce the chances of the tank dying just after the stun.
A last note is the enrage. Maexxna will enrage at 30% and significantly increase her damage output. Nothing changes at the enrage except the damage output and she can easily kill the tank during stun even if everything goes correctly so the tank must be depoisoned and topped off before a stun. It is advised to bring her close to 30%, but don't take her past the 30% mark until just after a stun. This will give the raid time to setup for the incoming damage to the tank.
25 Man
In the 25man version of Maexnna, the only differences are Web Wrap hits two people, and the wraps have more HP, and deal more damage.
HoTs on the Tank, and an Abolish Poison or Poison Cleansing Totem is very very important, as her damage is significantly higher than in the 10man version.
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MessageSujet: Re: Maexxna boss final partie arachnid   Mar 25 Nov - 18:05:42


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Maexxna boss final partie arachnid
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